Thoughts on my experience with Epik

Thoughts on my experience with Epik

It was first started in2009. Epik is a one stop shop for their entire web presence,  today I review  epik domain service.

Epik also referred to as ” Swiss Bank of Domain” is the largest domain name base management provider across the globe.

This year Epik recognized “Best Register Worldwide Annual Industry” Awarded.

Domain Management

Epik is an all in one place where you get all the services related to domain management.

Like most registrars, Epik provides a consolidated search option with advanced search capabilities. This makes your domain search less cumbersome.

What’s more, you can also place a backorder. You can choose from a list of top-level TLDs or gTLDs (generic TLDs).

The list of supported TLDs is exhaustive and it is unlikely that you may not find your suitable match. Each of these can be chosen for 1 year or up to 10 years.

Epik offers lifetime domains. In most cases, the domains can be also chosen for a lifetime which is great. You just don’t have to be bothered about renewing it.

Epik  makes domain management easier. You can upload all your domain names in csv or excel format and Epik does the rest for you.


A marketplace is one of the distinctive features available in Epik. Something that makes it more intuitive is the ability to allow customers to monetize on domains.

You can access their Marketplace portal for free. This allows to sell or lease domains.

To put this across in a more simplified way, Marketplace facilitates your domain trading. This is more simplified and you can also promote your brand with no middleman.

Using the Marketplace is not only simple but is also SEO friendly.

You can create your domain portfolio and get it indexed by popular search engines. This improves your ranking and hence the worth of your portfolio increases.

Exploring Epik’s Marketplace would be the right place to start with.

And yes, it also provides support for social media tools to promote your portfolio.

With your own brand, you can customize and choose a professional design which can have custom tabs, search options, and many more exciting features.

Here you can bargain domains and there are multiple innovative ways to trade domain. Also includes a domain Escrow.

While this seems to be a trading platform, Epik also ensures this is 100% secure and provides regular upgrades.

The upgrades are for security patches as well as more enhanced features.


A transfer is probably something that exists in all popular web hosting platforms and domain registrars.

So here is why Epik’s transfer needs a mention. You can bulk transfer domains to your portfolio.

Epik also allows a seamless transfer to other registrars as well as allows you to check the transfer status.


You do end up having an advantage if you choose a lifetime domain. Here is where you would think Epik to be affordable.

Epik additional services like hosting are not the cheapest in the market.

However, are still competent pricing models.

Most of the domain relevant services are inclusive and domain management is simpler.

This is something where you do not have to end up spending additional money.

You can create your marketplace portfolio for free and that is what makes Epik a differentiator when it comes to domain trading.


Epik’s marketplace portfolios are made secure. You can use with Epik to ensure domain privacy.

The Epik transactions can be carried out using Epik escrow which ensures secure trading between buyers and sellers.

Epik provides its users with an option to enable 2 Factor Authentication for their account.

By default, this is not enabled, but can be enabled from the settings of the account.

Customer Support

Epik does well when it comes to customer support. I just like the way they have a completely dedicated support center.

Here is a place where you can get every detail around their services as well as domain.

This does contain a lot of jargons explained in detail.

A perfect place to start before you try and explore Epik services.

There is more to this. You would also find a few video demos displaying the usage of its services.

Epik also supports with a live chat option, toll-free number, and email.

To explore this further I tried their live chat option.

The chat started immediately with a very negligible wait time.

The customer support representative was quick to provide relevant information.

Overall, Epik has a great customer support and is one of the key strengths of Epik.

My Experience on Epik

Now, this is a close call between what is your requirement and what do you expect.

Epik provides a plethora of domain registration services.

It’s informative and at the same time covers everything relevant to domains.

More beneficial if you are looking for a long-term plan.

Having said this, I would like to highlight that though Epik has other additional services, to choose it or not purely depends on your requirement.

In most cases, you would find alternate hosting services at more affordable pricing.

Finally, if you want to monetize on domains, then yes Epik is by and large the most suitable choice.

Today I have over 100+ Domain with them.

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